Creed II

Creed II (2018) บ่มแชมป์เลือดนักชก 2

Creed II

Creed II Three years after losing to “Pretty Ricky Conlan”, [a] Donnie Kreed had won six straight fights. The culmination was victory over Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler and he won the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. He has gotten his 1965 Ford Mustang back. Donnie, now a global celebrity and a global celebrity, proposes to Bianca Taylor. She agrees to marry him. When Bianca proposes the new chapter of their lives in Los Angeles, Donnie is unwilling to leave Philadelphia as it would mean leaving his trainer, Rocky Balboa.

Ivan Drago, the former Soviet boxer who killed Donnie’s father Apollo Creed during a bout in 1985 and lost to Rocky, [b] hopes to get the chance to return to glory. Buddy Marcelle is his promoter and Ivan is putting Viktor Drago against Donnie. Donnie is headed to Los Angeles after Rocky refuses his support for Donnie’s decision to take Viktor Drago’s challenge.

Donnie and Bianca settle in Los Angeles in a luxury apartment near Mary Anne, Donnie’s adopted mother, and Apollo’s widow. As they adjust to their new life and prepare for the forthcoming match, Bianca learns that she is expecting. Donnie employs Tony “Little Duke” who is the son of his father’s trainer and later Rocky’s coach to coach him. In shock by recent events, he hurries into the fight, and is badly injured. Viktor is banned for striking Donnie while he is down, which allows Donnie to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Viktor is a well-known fighter in Russia who has won numerous of fights which were awarded top billing.

Donnie’s body and ego have been shredded, and he becomes less enmeshed with Bianca. Mary Anne approaches Rocky and he reconciles with Donnie. Rocky agrees to help him train against Viktor who is going through painful physical exams at Ivan’s feet. Bianca has a daughter Amara and Rocky is named her godfather. However, Donnie and Bianca discover that Amara was born deaf, and she inherits the deafness from her mother’s advancing hearing loss.

As Viktor taunts Donnie publicly, he is under constant pressure from his father behind the scenes as he enjoys the attention of the media and various Russian deputies. In a state dinner Viktor as well as Ivan meet Ludmilla who is his mother and Ivan’s ex-wife for the first time in many years after she abandoned them after Ivan’s defeat to Rocky. Viktor is furious over Ivan’s interaction with the people who kicked them out. While Ivan is away, Rocky and Little Duke are retraining Donnie in a decrepit place in the California desert, focusing on fighting from the inside and preparing Donnie’s body to absorb the heavy impact that he’ll receive from Viktor in the ring.

In Moscow, the rematch is more balanced as a more focussed and controlled Donnie engages in a battle with Viktor. Viktor is accustomed to knocking out wins , and his fights do not get past the fourth round. Donnie takes advantage of this and takes a beating from Viktor even after his ribs are cracked. Donnie delivers a series of powerful strikes on Viktor and knocks him down twice during the tenth round. Ludmilla departs after the second knockdown and irritates Viktor who is furious, and Ivan sees the truth of Viktor’s previous statements. Viktor, exhausted and surrounded by numerous strikes, refuses surrender. Conscient that his son’s safety matters more than the acceptance of the elite of Russia, Ivan throws in the towel and gives up the fight to defend his son. He assures the devastated Viktor that it’s fine that the battle was lost and embraces him. Rocky blocks Bianca from going into the ring with Donnie, Little Duke and says it’s his turn.

Viktor and Ivan continue to train together to Ukraine. Donnie goes to the grave of Apollo, where he is able to make peace with his deceased father and the responsibility of carrying on his legacy, when Donnie and Bianca introduce their daughter, who is wearing the latest hearing aids. Rocky is in Vancouver to try to be at peace and meet his son Logan. He observes how much he looks like his former wife, Adrian.